We all work part-time, so please leave a message and we will get back to you.
Rev. Ken Shill Tel: 01242 461784 email: ken.emm@sky.com
Lay Curate:
Eddie Carmichael Tel: 07368889221 email: curious.curate37@gmail.com
Janet Crompton Tel: 01242 514919 Becky McDermott
Toddlers and Post Natal:
Sarah Ballard Tel: 07794697622 email:sarah@broadbandjunction.net
Church Office:
Sharon Wallington Tel: 01242 570075 email: officeemmanuelchurchcheltenham@gmail.com
Meeting Room Bookings:
Sharon Wallington Tel: 01242 570075 email: mtgrmemmanuelchurchcheltenham@gmail.com
Diocese of Gloucester South Cheltenham Team Ministry